With offices in Dallas County, STAT Energy is a, Texas based, certified Retail Electricity Provider, in ERCOT (PUCT 10202), focused on delivering electricity plans, at a low fixed rate with no gimmicks or hidden fees to businesses within the Oncor and CenterPoint Service Area. We are proud to bring a highly experienced team dedicated to providing our customers with a unique boutique-like relationship to assist in the risk management and procurement of your energy needs. In addition to STAT Energy's ability to offer our customers extremely competitive pricing and informed consulting, we feel our team's aggressive pricing ability, extensive wholesale expertise, and diversified revenue gives us an advantage over our competition.

STAT Energy's prime focus is to procure the best possible prices for our customer's electricity needs. Furthermore, with over 50 collective years of experience in trading, marketing, and risk management of energy derivatives, the STAT Energy team have a deep understanding of the volatile energy markets and the expertise to help clients make the most informed and prudent decisions regarding the procurement of their energy needs.


STAT Energy can provide clients with a wide range of services including, but not limited to, expert fundamental and technical analysis on energy prices, thorough risk evaluations on energy portfolios, valuations of plain vanilla and exotic derivative structures, and recommendations of structured finance and other products to help develop a tailor-made hedging program.


We have an advantage over the competition with our aggressive pricing ability, extensive wholesale expertise and diversified revenue providing our customers with extremely competitive pricing coupled with informed consulting. We pride ourselves on having a unique, personal relationship with our customers that only an experienced boutique firm can provide.

STAT Energy became a PUCT member to offer customers innovative and reliable energy management and power purchasing strategies. At STAT Energy, we aggregate information from our vast exchange network and overlay quantitative data sets. Our electronic trading technology allows us to capture theoretical pricing discrepancies across exchanges, products, and markets.


STAT Energy is also affiliated with MC² Energy Services, an Alternative Retail Energy Supplier, in Illinois. MC² has a local experienced team that helps Illinois businesses manage their risk by providing them with competitive electric supply products and services. MC², through its full service wholesale trading partner, STAT Energy, is uniquely positioned to offer customers innovative and reliable energy management and power purchasing strategies.


With success on both the wholesale trading and the retail side, STAT Energy sought out other markets to leverage its Wholesale trading expertise, in the retail markets, and refocused its energies in ERCOT, starting a new Retail Energy Provider in 2011.

Our management team, with a combined experience of over 50 years in the commodity trading and risk management space, consists of Rob Kristufek, Chad Starnes, and Andy Soyring. We have been involved in trading and consulting in ERCOT wholesale market for over 15 years. Additionally, our team was responsible for all the wholesale procurement and risk management of STAT's Retail joint venture with MC² Energy in Illinois.